Connectors on the Move

pressfit connectors. There is no limit to the design of the necessary connections between the different components of the final enclosure.

• Non-contact position detection (brushless motor) • Detection of the position or speed of a part

HOW TO CONNECT CAR SENSORS TO PCBS AND ELECTRONIC BOXES Embedded electronics play a major role in modern cars. Sensors are then required to monitor various functions of the vehicle including speed and position measurement, detection of rotation direction, and temperature. They send information to the ECU. One example is the Hall effect sensor. The Hall effect was discovered in 1879 by Edwin H. Hall, who found that an electric current flowing through a material bathed in a magnetic field generates a voltage perpendicular to it. A Hall effect sensor is an inductive sensor to which internal electronics are added to amplify or process the signal before transmission for better performance. Hall effect sensors can be used in many applications: • Measurement of magnetic fields • Measurement of electrical intensity (current clamp) Example of an overmolded leadframe designed by Axon’ Mechatronics. Expertise in mechatronics techniques is essential to design reliable and high-performance stamped and overmolded leadframes. Their high flexibility in terms of use, mechanical strength, and thermal stability make them an effective and cost-saving solution for the connection of electronic components.

Connector made by Axon’ Mechatronics for window lift system. The sensor measures the torque and contributes to the anti-finger pinching function.

The sensors, manufactured by electronic component manufacturers, are rarely used in their final state without preparation (lead forming). They are delivered with straight leads of different lengths depending on the model, in bulk or in reel. They therefore need to be adapted to their environment.

Example of sensors bent and repositioned by machines developed by Axon’ Mechatronics. The legs of the components are cut, bent, and repositioned to be adapted, soldered, or brazed in the best way to the electronic support. Delivered in reels, they can be used by pick-and-place machines.


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