Connectors on the Move


A selection of products from top connector suppliers highlights connectivity solutions for the unique needs of automotive and transportation applications.




Pressure relief vent series equalizes the pressure inside/outside the sealed enclosure. Prevents heat dissipation of electronic components from shortening device service life and affecting component performance. Spring-loaded type and rectangular type prevent sudden heat/pressure rise and potential explosion.

ZConnect Low-Profile LV214-compliant connectors save space and provide more secure mating with their second lock design. This robust connector series ranges from 8 to 40 contacts at 1A up to 120VDC with 0.9mm/1.8mm/2.7mm pitch and features anti-vibration and audible feedback.

Vehicle sensing solutions from Molex enable automotive OEMs to usher in a new era of safer, more enjoyable driving experiences. The noise canceling sensors capture sound waves to reduce road noise commonly masked by a combustion engine.

IP67 overmolded connectors made by Axon’ Mechatronics are manufactured to meet specific requirements defined by the customer. Terminals and plastic housing are optimized to reach a high level of watertightness. This is an ideal solution for electric vehicles. AXON' CABLE



TAIYO YUDEN MCOIL metal power inductors are coil components that use metallic magnetic materials optimized for use in choke coils for power supply circuits. The circuits are used in automotive applications like LED lighting, instrument panels, and telematics among many others.

Molex enables the next generation of transportation technology by leveraging exceptional engineering expertise and quality. This results in rugged and reliable interconnect solutions for applications ranging from small sensor signals and high-speed data lines to robust high-power lines.


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