Connectors on the Move




Our flexible flat cables are compatible with any PCB connector. They can be customized to incorporate folds, shields, notches, punching, slitting, marking, or special mounting methods. The flat and short configuration of flat flexible cables makes it the ideal solution for connection in space restricted areas.

Amphenol NEXUS Technologies’ watertight connectors provide harsh environment power interconnection with breakaway functionality. Unique wiping-action contacts are self- cleaning in the event of a breakaway and in-field reconnection. 2 Amp current capacity is perfect for rail and transit signals and safety equipment.

Bosch produces high quality German- engineered connectors that create secure connections between essential automotive devices including VCUs, fuel injectors, sensors, iBooster, eAxle, ESP (Electronic Stability Program) eSteering, and more.

Double-latched Wire-To-Wire Waterproof Connectors are highly rugged and compact, offering high retention from the double-latch, ingress protection up to IP67, and an operating temperature range of -40 °C to +105 °C. EDAC



Amphenol Sine waterproof automotive connectors feature custom color, labeling, and LED technology. These and other Amphenol Sine interconnects are designed and manufactured specifically for heavy- duty applications.

25-291-P3-AW -N Type Sealed IP68 Front Mount Bulkhead Crimp / Top Hat Clamp Jacks are rated to IP68 unmated to prevent dust and fluid ingress. With a tarnish resistant surface finish, they result in high performance communications with a long life in transportation applications.




The Colibri connector is a shielded, 2-row, SMT interconnect system in 0.5 mm pitch. Already available in 10+ Gb/s and 16+ Gb/s versions, the newest additions to the Colibri connector line now offer high-speeds of 25 Gb/s and beyond with first-rate signal integrity.

This machined D-Sub Connector assembly range is highly reliable and offers high retention with many available mounting and shielding options. These connectors have a standard current rating up to 5A per contact and an operating temperature range of -55 °C To +125 °C.

The Zero8 0.8 mm pitch SMT connector family has been expanded! Variations with low, mid, high, and extra high heights are available for PCB distances up to 18 mm. Right- angled and horizontal versions as well as optional EMI shielding also offer additional flexibility in design.


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