Connectors on the Move




Energize electronic devices with our butt contact high current probe. Press the coil spring for contact with the inspection module in the manufacturing of automobile parts, power semi-conductor modules, and others. The canted coil spring electrical contact ensures stable energization of electronic devices.

Featured with a waterproof and anti- loosening housing design, GT series connectors provide a strong, reliable, and highly sealed connection with a single contact current of up to 13A, ideal for excavators, heavy duty trucks, and other transportation applications working in harsh environmental conditions.

Archer Kontrol 1.27mm pitch board-to- board and cable-to-board connectors offer a robust and flexible connection. With a fully shrouded design, these connectors are ideal for blind-mating applications. They can withstand lateral and twisting forces and tolerate a significant amount of mis-alignment.




Custom cabling for the interconnect products of our HRi high-reliability business unit covers multiple configurations and features, specifying cables to any length, including 1.25mm- pitch Gecko, 2mm-pitch Datamate, 3mm-pitch M300, and high-power Kona families, as well as the Mix-Tek combined power and data connectors.

Compatible with 28AWG wire, the GT50 is the smallest automotive WtB connector on the market and the most robust 1.0 mm pitch or smaller. The GT50 can withstand 125 °C ambient temperature and 25N of retention force. A two-point contact design minimizes effects from vibration and dust intrusion.

The low-profile ZE064W Series waterproof WtW connector withstands the harshest automotive environments, like vehicle engine rooms. Rated to IP67/IP69K, the 2.2 mm pitch connector is resistant to 125 °C. A double-layer spring, three-point contact design ensures reliable connectivity in high vibration & shock conditions.




Mini-FAKRA Connector Series is a space-conscious, high-performance interface central to the next generation of vehicle applications. Designing in Mini-FAKRA connectors and harnesses can help manufacturers reduce space requirements by as much as 80% compared to previous FAKRA products. Custom harnesses are available.

Introducing the FloXY series of board- to-board connectors with proprietary floating mechanism. By allowing +/-0.5 mm movement in the X and Y directions and absorbing substrate mounting and fitting misalignments (offset), this series achieves the high reliability required in the automotive and transportation markets.

The Cat 6A RJ45 Field Plug Pro delivers rugged, high-speed power and data solutions, supports simple, crimpless in-field termination and 10GbE, PoE, PoE+, UPoE, 4PPoE, and HDBaseT transmission, offers integrated strain relief, EMC shielding, and IP20 protection, and supports the re­ termination of same-size or larger wires.


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